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KLOUDES® is introducing the Adjustable Pillow & Topper to the market as a revolution to how people shop for the perfect sleep by allowing them to adjust their pillow and mattress topper to any comfort preference they desire. The Adjustable Pillow consists of fluffy Micro-Kloudes™with an inner zipper where the consumer can freely adjust the height/density of their pillow by simply adding or removing the fluffy Micro-Kloudes™ from their pillow while the Adjustable Topper contains 3 1-inch layers that contain a soft, medium, and firm density level, allowing them to mix & match from over 12 different combinations of firmness levels for them to choose from.

So why a pillow and mattress topper? KLOUDES® recognized that these were the two most important products to people’s sleep, by being the most supportive for any sleep position.

People can easily experience a new mattress without the cost of one while having the option to adjust it at any given moment for the ultimate sleeping experience.

Adjustable Topper is also split into two, so everyone can get their desired comfort preference on either side of the bed.

Kloudes Adjustable Topper’s unique features include:

  • Patented Air-Foam technology for breathability and comfort
  • Perforated layers to ensure optimal airflow
  • 3, 1-inch layers with different firmness levels that can be mixed and matched to create over 12 different firmness combinations
  • Split into two, allowing you to adjust your comfort preference for each side of the bed
  • Organic cotton cover blend for further breathability and durability

Kloudes Adjustable Pillow’s unique features include:

  • Patented Air-Foam technology and patent-pending “Micro-Kloudes™” fill for breathability, support and luxurious comfort
  • Eco-friendly, upcycled memory foam that contains fewer chemicals than standard memory foam
  • Inner zipper that allows the pillow to be adjusted to your exact comfort preference.
  • Removable organic cotton cover blend for further breathability and durability