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7 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a High-End Hotel Room

Posted by Jennifer Alcomendas on

7 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a High-End Hotel Room

1. The Perfect Mattress Topper

There’s nothing quite like a luxe hotel bed, but you shouldn’t have to stay in a hotel or spend thousands of dollars to experience that level of comfort. To turn your bed into a fluffy dreamhaven, upgrade your mattress with a high-quality mattress topper like the Kloudes Topper. Kloudes, the first company to specialize solely in mattress toppers, developed the ultra-plush Kloudes Topper to transform your bed and make it hotel-worthy. Its premium materials and thoughtful design make Kloudes the best topper on the market.

2. Pillows, Pillows, and More Pillows

To make your bedroom feel more like a hotel getaway, don’t skimp on the pillows. A variety of comfy, oversized pillows that match your room’s decor will scream 5 star hotel.


3. Thread Count Matters

Rough, scratchy sheets are the opposite of luxe. When it comes to upgrading your bed, the sheets you select are of the utmost importance. Look for pure Egyptian cotton sheets with a minimum 200 thread count. Pima cotton, which is made in America, is also good, but Egyptian is the best. Invest in the highest thread count sheets you can afford

4. Declutter


If you want your room to be more like a hotel, you probably have a bit of cleaning and organizing to do. Just like when you’re on vacation, your bedroom should be a stress-free environment. Leave as little out as possible. If it’s not decorative or something that is used frequently, find a place to neatly store it so it’s out of the way.


5. Statement Piece

The headboard is always a major focal point in a hotel room. Buy or make a stylish headboard that leaves a big impact. Oversized headboards are especially luxe.

6. Stop and Smell the Roses


When you walk into the lobby of a high-end hotel, you’ll almost always be greeted with the scent of fresh flowers or another pleasant fragrance. It’s easy to mimic that luxe touch in your bedroom with candles, room/linen sprays, fresh flowers, scented drawer liners, or potpourri. Look for relaxing and elegant fragrances. Lavender is especially good for relaxation and improved sleep.


7. Sit in the Lap of Luxury

If you have the space, consider making a seating area that has a plush, stylish armchair, ottoman and a small side table. This special space will make your room feel nice and cozy, and it’ll be the perfect place to leisurely enjoy your morning coffee or read a book.

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