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4 Surprising Everyday Items that are Harming the Environment

Posted by Jennifer Alcomendas on

4 Surprising Everyday Items that are Harming the Environment


1. Your Mattress


Each day in the U.S., a shocking 50,000 mattresses are illegally dumped or end up in landfills where they take up vast amounts of space. Extending the life of your mattress helps to reduce this massive burden on the planet. The Kloudes Mattress Topper was developed to not only make your mattress more comfortable, but to make it last longer as well. Kloudes adds a layer of protection because it puts less pressure on your mattress which helps to maintain structural integrity. In addition, Kloudes’ ventilated layers keep you cool and, as a result, stop sweat and perspiration from getting into your mattress and causing damage. When it is time to get rid of your mattress, look into mattress recycling programs that your city or state may offer.


2. Disposable Chopsticks


The wooden chopsticks that come with your Chinese takeout may seem harmless, but mass production of disposable chopsticks has taken a giant toll on the environment. It’s estimated that 20 million 20-year-old trees are required to cover China’s annual chopstick production (80 billion pairs per year). To help reduce this burden on the environment, buy a pair of reusable chopsticks and tell the restaurant not to include the disposable ones.


3. Straws


Disposable straws play a role in polluting the environment because they often end up in the ocean. In 2011, over 600,000 straws were found in marine debris. You can help reduce plastic straw pollution by not using a straw or by bringing your own reusable straw to restaurants.


4. Printer Cartridges


Over 350 million ink toner cartridges end up in landfills every year. You can help to reduce this burden on the planet (and save money) by refilling your ink cartridges instead of tossing them out. In addition, most major office supply stores have ink cartridge recycling programs. In fact, some of these stores will even give you money back in the form of rewards if you return the cartridges to them.

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